”Idag är det en väldigt stor skillnad på hur kontaktcentret ser ut om man jämför med hur det såg ut tidigare. Som helhet har det varit en mycket positiv resa för oss tillsammans med NetNordic” .

Cathrine Evensen, Customer Service Centre Manager på Antalis
Virtuell workshop – Hands-on investigation and threat hunting – Cortex XDR

Delta på “hands-on investigation and threat hunting” workshop – där du under 3 timmar får känna på dina färdigheter och se hur du kan stoppa sofistikerade attacker. Vi håller workshopen vid tre tillfällen: 30/6, 10/7 och 31/7.

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NetNordic är en oberoende systemintegratör med fokus på lösningar och tjänster för våra kunder inom nätverk, datacenter, säkerhet, och företagskommunikation.

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Datum 1 juli 2020

Tid 10:00 - 11:00


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Cloud IQ Live-Demo - Extreme Networks Wireless Wednesday
In this live demo-session, you will learn how ExtremeCloud IQ, the industry’s first Cloud-driven end-to-end enterprise network, takes advantage of advanced machine learning and AI capabilities to simplify sophisticated management, enhance visibility and control, and reduce cost and complexity of your enterprise edge to data center infrastructure. Join our Wireless Wednesday webinar, Get a Free AP*! Once you've seen how powerful ExtremeCloud IQ is in our demo, qualified attendees will receive a free Extreme Access Point with 30-day subscription.

Cloud IQ Live-Demo – Extreme Networks Wireless Wednesday - 1 juli 2020

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*Extreme is making available for end user organizations on a no-charge basis, one Extreme Access Point (AP) for use by the recipient’s qualified IT professionals whose primary responsibility is to support the organization’s network infrastructure. All recipient organizations must be based in an EU country or in the UK, Switzerland, or Norway.

At least one of the recipient’s IT professionals must attend the Extreme Wireless Wednesday webinar and answer a survey afterwards. The qualified IT professional must register with a valid company name and business email address; and there is a limit of 1 Access Point per company. Resellers, MSPs, DMRs, alliance partners, distributors, competitors, media, and current customers are not eligible recipients of the AP. The provision of any AP is subject to the ExtremeCloud IQ Evaluation Terms available at https://www.extremenetworks.com/company/legal. By accepting the AP, you indicate your agreement to the Terms of Evaluation.