”Idag är det en väldigt stor skillnad på hur kontaktcentret ser ut om man jämför med hur det såg ut tidigare. Som helhet har det varit en mycket positiv resa för oss tillsammans med NetNordic” .

Cathrine Evensen, Customer Service Centre Manager på Antalis
Webinar: NetNordic Security Framework

Säkerhetsramverk utgör grunden för att arbeta metodiskt och strategiskt med IT-säkerhet. Det finns en uppsjö olika säkerhetsramverk, som alla bottnar i ett antal gemensamma nämnare som vi alla kan dra nytta av i säkerhetsarbetet. Vår Cyber-CTO Göran Walles berättar hur säkerhet kan integreras i digitaliseringsprocesserna.

Vilka är vi?

NetNordic är en oberoende systemintegratör med fokus på lösningar och tjänster för våra kunder inom nätverk, datacenter, säkerhet, och företagskommunikation.

12 november 2020


Illumio – Who we are

Illumio enables organizations to realize a future without high-profile breaches by preventing the lateral movement of attackers across any organization. Founded on the principle of least privilege in 2013, Illumio provides visibility and segmentation for endpoints, data centers or clouds.

The world’s leading organizations, including Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite, trust Illumio to reduce cyber risk. Our vision was to create a new approach to segmentation – from endpoints, to the data center, to the cloud. Illumio was purpose built for security and founded on the principle of Zero Trust.  After being dubbed a leader in the 2019 Forrester Zero Trust Wave, Forrester recognised Illumio as a leader in Zero Trust  in the recent 2020 report, with the highest scores in the three primary categories (current offering, strategy, and market presence).

Illumio Core

Lateral movement occurs in every single breach. An intruder breaches the perimeter then moves laterally across the network until they reach what they’re after.

We solved this problem. With Illumio Core, it all starts with a map that gives you complete visibility into any application environment, no matter how complex it is, and brings to light what’s communicating and what shouldn’t be. Use that map to simply create East-West segmentation policies. 

Illumio Core helps to stop lateral movement in your data center and cloud application environments,  helping to show how applications are communicating, helping to gain vulnerability exposure insights and finally, allowing yout o take control. With an architecture that allows you to use the enforcement points that already exist in your infrastructure, Illumio Core delivers segmentation without complexity. No additional hardware or re-architecting your network is needed, you can create segmentation policies that work on anything – bare metal, virtual machines, and containers.

Illumio Edge

Illumio Edge brings this same approach to prevent the lateral movement of ransomware and malware between endpoints.  

All employees have a laptop, and we are all more connected than ever meaning a single ransomware or malware attack on a single endpoint can move laterally to hundreds or thousands of endpoints in no time.

Deploying Illumio Edge gives IT and security teams an easy path to Zero Trust. By only allowing inbound traffic from approved applications, all other connections are denied by default. This built-in control cuts down on disruptions, tickets, and day-to-day operational overhead. And empowers you to quickly gain trust within your organization that you’re more resilient than ever to ransomware and malware attacks. 

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